Organic Farming in Poland as Example of Organic Farming in CEE Countries - from farm to plate", 25-29 July 2005, Warsaw and Culavia - Pomerania,
ENAOS 2005 - 4th ENAOS Summer Meeting

organised within the framework of the Avalon Network Project financed by

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Reports of visits


Andrzej Szeremeta

After visit at the University Experimental farm in Bałcyny we went to the farm of the Kujawskis in Kurzętnik. It is the agro tourism farm located among fields, far away from other buildings of the village. The farm is nowadays leaded by young student of agriculture. His parents still are helping him.

The farm offers for tourists two double rooms and two 4-beds rooms with two bathrooms. The attractions on the farm are:

  • silence and tranquility – as the farm is located in some distance from the village,
  • organic food including home baked bread, many regional and vegetarian dishes,
  • very beautiful garden with arbor,
  • many place and space for walking and biking,
  • possibility to rent bikes and car with horses,
  • opportunity to ride a house in nearby farm,
  • small river Drwęca in distance of 4 kilometers.

On the farm we ate vegetarian dinner prepared of organic food made of mother of the farmer. It consisted of: vegetable salad, very delicious pasta (of Babalski) with tomato and vegetables sauce and tasty cake with fruits. The food is wonderful and it is worth to visit this farm especially for it.

We tried to test the hypothesis that providing attractions for tourists, farmers are increasing the biodiversity of the farm. This hypothesis was verified positively in small extent. It was verified positively as farmers for purpose of supply of raw materials for kitchen keeps vegetable garden and orchard, where many vegetables are planted. It was verified only in small extent as many of us expected also bigger diversity in animal production.

Agro tourism farms are playing very important role in organic farming development. Thanks to visits of tourist at the farm, new consumers of organic food are educated. The education on the farm is the best way of consumer education as the tourist during visit ob the farm can observe, test condition of production himself and learn how organic food is produced in every details. It can be gained more knowledge and practical experience, e.g. about crop rotation, animal production, natural pest management and fertilization. It can be state that organic food market is increasing as visitor of organic agro tourism farm are becoming new organic food consumers.

The main production on the farm is cattle for beef meat and cereals. The farm cooperates closely with Professor Józef Tyburski from University of Warmia and Mazuria. Professor in cooperation with farmer is carrying out research on the cultivation of spelt. The few verities of spelt are grown on the farm and the different type of fertilization and saw density is tested. It was very good opportunity to compare research on spelt done at the university experimental farm and at the farm. The main advantage of the research at farm is the real conditions of the cultivation on organic farm. The main disadvantage is potential problems with cooperation between scientist and farmer; however in this case cooperation is perfect.

Barbara i Ryszard Kujawscy
13-306 Kurzętnik
ul. Wybudowanie 10
Phone: 0048 56 4728708



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