Organic Farming in Poland as Example of Organic Farming in CEE Countries - from farm to plate", 25-29 July 2005, Warsaw and Culavia - Pomerania,
ENAOS 2005 - 4th ENAOS Summer Meeting

organised within the framework of the Avalon Network Project financed by

European Commision
Warsaw Agricultural University,
Faculty of Human Nutricion and Consumer Science,
Faculty of Agriculture and Biology
Dutch National Postcode Lottery Ministry of National Education And Sport

The Faculty of Agriculture and Biology

ul. Nowoursynowska 159
02-776 Warszawa
(+48 22) 593 25 10

Academic personnel: 92, Student enrollment: 2231
Majors: Agriculture, Biology



  • Department of Agronomy
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Plant Physiology
  • Department of Soil Environment
  • Department of Biometrics

The faculty also has three teaching branches at Leśna Podlaska, Łowicz and Widzew.

Main Research Areas

  • Agronomy – improvement of plant productivity in various agricultural systems, including end-use quality and environmental safety,
  • Biology – biological improvement in plant productivity, including photosynthesis and plant productivity, anatomical and ultrastructural interactions between plans and other organisms of symbiotic and pathogenic nature, biochemical mechanisms of plant resistance to sprouting and water stress,
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection – biodiversity of natural and agricultural ecosystems, anthropogenic effects on soil properties, soil protection and reclamation.

International Collaboration

  • Ain Shams University , Egypt ,
  • Ball State University, Muncia, USA,
  • Pierre and Maria Curie University, Paris, France,
  • State Agroecological Academy in Zhytomyr, Ukraine,
  • Agricultural University in Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Agricultural University in Nitra, Republic of Slovakia.

Experiment Station

The Faculty of Agriculture and Biology manages an Experiment Station in Skierniewice, about 70 km south of Warszawa. Multiyear experiments on plant mineral nutrition have been run continuously in Skierniewice since 1922, on the area of 60 ha. They are in the 8 th position in Europe in the category of soil experiments run continuously for over 75 years. At present, organic experimental farm is in the process of organization.

ul. Sobieskiego 10
96-100 Skierniewice
(+48 46) 833 33 11



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Organic farming and market in Poland

Country presentations: COLOMBIA - General situation of organic agriculture in Colombia –organic food market in Colombia | HUNGARY - Situation of ecological agriculture in Hungary | ITALY - organic food market | SLOVAKIA – Ecological agriculture | FINLAND - Organic markets in Finland

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