Enjoying local traditions in Hungary
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Large scale organic unions, Netherlands
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Career opportunities & other links

A lot of organic literature can be found at orgprints.org. Please also upload your thesis here!

About pesticides and their alternatives, find it here:  www.beyondpesticides.org

More about Pesticides and Safe Alternatives:  http://www.onlinetips.org/pesticides-safe-alternatives

Subjects voor MSc-thesis in The Netherlandshttp://tip.wur.nl/SearchResult.php?s_LsgID=66&s_ProjectTypeID=&s_StudieID=&s_Zoekterm=&Button_DoSearch=Search%21

IFOAM is the central organisation in the organic world: www.ifoam.org. The European Group: www.ifoam-eu.org
Young volunteers working for IFOAM EU share their experience and what they have learned about organic agriculture on their blog: http://theorganicfive.wordpress.com/

There is also an International Society of Organic Agriculture Research: www.isofar.org

FiBL in Switserland is an important research institute, see http://www.fibl.org/en/homepage.html

If you are interested in politics, see the European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming at www.orgap.org/

A lot of information (not always that up to date) can be found at Organic Europe, www.organic-europe.net

Worldwide Job and Student Opportunities in Organic Agriculture (by OACC)

More organic networking: Network for Ecofarming in Africa (currently inactive)


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