Enjoying Italian hills
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Studying organic beer in Hungary
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Previous ENOAS Summer Meetings

There are no digital reports of previous meetings (like Finland, 2002; Germany, 2003, Italy/Le Marche, 2004 and Hungary, 2006). We do have a report of the predecessor Nordic Student Meeting 2000.

In 2005 we went to Poland with the topic: Organic Farming in Poland as Example of Organic Farming in CEE Countries
See: http://www.enoas.org/pol05t/

In 2007 we went to The Netherlands to get an an impression how Dutch organic agriculture is organized, how small scale and large scale organisations both can have their place in an expensive, full, intensive, rational and also wet country. You can see the  Introduction and content  (pdf) of the report; if you want the whole report, please send an email to e<at>enoas.org. Or see the programme

In 2008, we went to the beautifull islands of Ionic Greece to learn about organic agriculture and nature conservation in that context; report (pdf, 11 MB) or programme.

2009 was the year of Italy again; report (pdf) & programme

Turkey was our goal in 2010, showing us its diversity, olive trees, emerging internal market structures  and beautiful culture. Report (pdf, 10 MB) and programme


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